Peerless Resort offers banquet and conference halls in Mukutmanipur for events and meetings. These halls are typically used for hosting various types of events such as weddings, business meetings, conferences, and other social gatherings.

Below mentioned are the features:

  • Space for a large number of guests
  • Audio-visual equipment for presentations and speeches
  • A stage for performances or speakers
  • Decorative lighting
  • Catering services
  • Parking facilities

We offer the best Conference halls in Mukutmanipur.

Things To Do in Mukutmanipur

Mukutmanipur is a picturesque hill town located in the Bankura district of West Bengal, India. Here are some popular things to do in Mukutmanipur:

Visit the Mukutmanipur Dam: The Mukutmanipur Dam is one of the largest earthen dams in India and a popular tourist destination. You can enjoy boating and fishing here, and take in the stunning views of the surrounding hills and forests.

Explore the wildlife: Mukutmanipur is surrounded by dense forests that are home to a diverse range of wildlife species.

Visit the Mukutmanipur Temple: This Mukutmanipur Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindu devotees.

Visit the Beleswar Hot Springs: The Beleswar Hot Springs are located near Mukutmanipur and are known for their therapeutic properties. Visitors can take a dip in the warm waters and relax in the peaceful surroundings.

Enjoy a picnic: Mukutmanipur is surrounded by lush green forests and rolling hills, making it a great place for a picnic. Bring a picnic basket, spread a blanket and enjoy the scenic views.

Visit the Jhilimili Forest: The Jhilimili Forest is a popular tourist spot known for its scenic beauty and dense forests. It's a great place for bird watching and nature walks.

Shop for local crafts: Mukutmanipur is famous for its handloom textiles, pottery, and bamboo work. You can visit local markets to buy souvenirs and take a piece of the region back home with you.

Kangshaboti Banquets

The banquet has a sitting capacity to accommodate 60 people, making it ideal for corporate meets, product launches or any other type of events.

  • - Podium
  • - Stage
  • - Wide variety of seating styles and decors
  • - General Services
  • - Internet Access

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