A lush experience of blissful greenery amidst which cosy cottages are present being tightly embraced by the rich glory of nature, a whole lot of fun-filled activities in the midst of plush bushes, delicious quintessential meals, exploring the native place sounds like an enthralling getaway plan.

A home away from home, Peerless Resort Mukutmanipur spans over an area of 2.5 acres. It is a very well-known fact that an environment built up by man can seldom match the beauty and heritage of nature. So the lush green and serene landscape of Mukutmanipur is an excellent escapade from the mainstream, daily city life and offers guests the best of nature’s opulence. Nature here at Mukutmanipur beautifully intertwines with the living spaces offering a warm cocoon to all mortal beings. This Nature’s Lodge features 25 cottages and family rooms with calm and cosy interiors which makes our esteemed guests feel blissfully comfortable.

Holidays not only mean relaxing or taking the much needed naps. They also act as a gateway to perform various activities and explore your skills, roam around and explore native place; habits; famous food; local markets and what not! This Nature’s Lodge is the calm hub away from the daily chaos, to provide its dear guests the richness of nature’s opulence. With a motive to make it a worthwhile stay for the guests, this Nature’s Lodge have introduced a wide variety of fun activities for guests to get engaged and rejuvenated. Some of the enjoyable activities are like – a long walk in the beautiful villages of Mukutmanipur, bullock cart ride during the winters, wild life photography, summer camps for children, watching butterflies. Guests have the chance to bring their own safaris and boots. There will be amazing village cooking activities with the guests, sounds exciting no? From setting up gazebos to enjoying any kind of beverage in clay earthen ware while sitting in your personal seat-outs, Peerless Resort Mukutmanipur has made sure to take you back. There will also be a refreshing sundown activity- with snacks and beverages of totally your choice.

This Nature’s Lodge serves as a beautiful Honeymoon destination too, for the newly-weds. The blissful ambience and calm hug of nature is definitely a must. Peerless Resort Mukutmanipur offers amazing Honeymoon packages to the couples to make their moments memorable for a lifetime.

With the fantastic peerless hospitality and legacy of warmth, it is a blissful escape from the chaos and hustle bustle of daily life.

Fun-filled Activities for our Dear Guests

A walk into the serene Villages of Mukutmanipur

Amazing Weekend Offer

Wild Life Photography

Summer Camps for Children

Honeymoon packages for couples

Walking amidst the Nature

Butterfly watching

Superb tour to the Forest with Proper Naturalist

Cooking Activities for our guests in Village Area

Experience Sundown from your personal Seat-outs

A visit back to the roots

Visit the Mukutmanipur Dam

Explore the wildlife

Visit the Mukutmanipur Temple

Visit the Beleswar Hot Springs

Enjoy a picnic

Visit the Jhilimili Forest

Shop for local crafts

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