An exotic holiday on a coconut palm beach island, cocooned in the confines of a cosy beach resort, waking up or going off to bed with the scenery of lush green landscape, soothing tunes of waves hitting the shores, delicious sea food to preparation of your choice along with luxurious warmth and spectacular hospitality – all in a nutshell looks like a fantastic plan, no? This ‘All in One’ package is tempting enough to remove the lingering chaotic thoughts of busy city life. A similar kind of Beach Resort with 50 key property and excellent service is Peerless Resort Port Blair. Surrounded with richness of nature’s glory, Peerless Resort Port Blair is a wonderfully decorated, tantalizing resort on beach resting in the midst of serene ambience.

We all are quite familiar with the term ‘Sky is the Limit’ and its visual representation is Peerless Resort Port Blair. Perched on the beautiful Corbyn Cove Island, the view of Peerless Resort Port Blair is worth to be remembered for a lifetime. The magnificent palate of sea getting intertwined with limitless blue sky up there is a sight to behold for an eternity. Whereas, the idea of sipping a hot, brewed mug of coffee while sitting in the balcony of your sea facing room or enjoying some lip-smacking drinks under a makeshift gazebo is enough for you to plan an exotic holiday at Port Blair. Our best views are definitely from the sea facing rooms and Corbyn’s Delight restaurant.

An exclusive offer of the novelty of fresh catch of the day, directly from the ocean to your plate, has also been served for our dear guests. It is you who gets to choose the preparation of your favourite dish on your platter for the day, Yes! Definitely a finger-licking way to make your holiday tastier. Under the night sky filled with stars, peaceful seas and beautiful ambience you can also have your ideal small, candle light dinner with your partner. Away from the hustle and bustle of hectic city, Port Blair is a gateway to the sun, sand and surf of the natural beauty. While, Peerless Resort Port Blair, with various hues of nature, tunes of sea waves, aroma of fresh sand and food, is definitely a destination which is no less than heaven on earth.

From superb packages for families to exotic Honeymoon offers for newly-weds, Peerless Resort Port Blair quite an alluring retreat. The whiffs of nature at this beach resort is bound to make your time more special and memorable. With excellent peerless hospitality and legacy of warmth, this paradise on earth is the much needed escapade from busy life.

Visit Cellular Jail

Radhanagar Beach

Chidiya Tapu

Ross Island

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Samudrika Marine Museum

Ross and Smith Island

Water Sports

Brisk Walk by the Sea

Take a Peaceful Stroll in our Beautiful Lawn

Enjoy Fresh Catch of the Day

Relish your evening tea/drink in the cocoon of Gazebo

Have a cozy Candle Light Dinner under the night sky & by the sea

Get engaged in various Water Sport Activities

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