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The Peerless Inn Kolkata – Oceanic
The Peerless Inn offers an unparalleled choice of cuisine, guaranteed to tickle the palate of the most discerning of gourmets. You don’t have to hunt around for the best Continental, Chinese, Indian or Bengali food in Kolkata – it’s all there at The Peerless Inn.

The Oceanic restaurant serves a huge variety of dishes from across the world, ensuring that no matter what your taste in food, you can find something that you love. The Oceanic is also a 24-hour coffee shop, so whatever the time of the day or night, you can grab a bite to eat.

The Peerless Inn Kolkata - AaheliBengalis are renowned for their love of good food, especially fish, meat and chicken. If you want a taste of authentic Bengali cuisine, there’s no place better than Aaheli, which serves dishes from all over Bengal. It has become extremely popular not only with the locals but also among international visitors who flock to the place for the delicious food and the traditional Bengali ambience.

We have developed a menu, which comprises of both the cuisine from the two parts of Bengal- The East and The West. The Bengali cuisine is almost synonymous to the delicate French cuisine as because it is vast and should be enjoyed course by course. It is like Bengali poetry or music, which lingers in one’s mind long after one had tasted it.
The very logo of Aaheli speaks for itself of the manner in which we took at our valued guests. It is a mother feeding her child. The mother child relationship is one of the most sacred and valued relationships in the world. She takes utmost care, love and affection while feeding her child. So do we at Aaheli not only sell food but by our ambience, our dress code, our menu sells a total concept- “ the richness of Bengali culture, art and literature.”
At Aaheli we cater both veg and non-veg cuisine for our valued guests. We strike a balance in our diet as far as spice is concerned to suit our clientele. We do a constant research and development of the cuisines as to present our guest with new variations always and this has given us the lead over the various other outlets trying to serve similar cuisine. We have brought back the old lost “ Zamindari cuisine”, the cuisine of “Thakurbari” to the present day Bengalis who are nostalgic of the past.
In our menu we serve both Thali (veg &non-veg) and also A la Carte. We hold food promotions in every month to bring in variations for our regular clientele.
Our thali is a complete journey for a person to enjoy Bengali food. The veg thali consists of rice as the staple diet, loochi, dal, 03 kinds of different veg items, pulao, chutney, papad and 02 kinds of specialty Bengali sweets.
The Non-veg thali serves Rice, loochi, dal, 02 veg dish, Betki fish curry, Prawn malai curry, Mutton, pulao, chutney, papad and two sweets that changes in every day menu.
Apart from these there are lots of choices from our Ala Carte menu, which dishes out from Aampora sarbot as soothing drinks to kakra bora, Rui Macher patisapta, postor bora, Mochar chop as starters. We serve different kinds of rice like Basmati, gobindbhog, to variations such as pulao Rajnandini, Nawabi Mangsho Pulao. Guests who donot prefer rice we serve Loochi, Karaisutir Kachoori, Radhaballavi and Ghee-er parotha also. On the veg main course we have variations ranging from bitters like shukto to Jheengey Aloo posto, mochar Ghonto, Mochar Paturi, Potoler Dorma, Dhokar Dalna, Bhapa Chanar Utshab, Narkeli Cholar dal, Dal Raibahadur and lot many. In our non-veg section we have a wide range of choices in our fish variety serving from the delicate Bhetki Patoori; Dhumro Gondhi Eelish, Pabdar jhal, Betki Kamala to the Daab Chingri, Golda Chingrir Jhal, Chingri Malai Curry and Bati Chingri. For table reservation at our restaurant please call directly to Food and Beverage Manager - +91 99 0303 4456

Ego the bar is ideal for those who want to relax with a drink or two. It’s become the watering hole of choice for Kolkatans and visitors.

The Peerless Inn Kolkata – Tea LoungeTea Lounge is a refreshing zone at the Lobby. The outlet showcases a wide mouthwatering range of freshly baked puffs and cookies, pastries, chocolates & finger foods. This emulates as a rendezvous over selections from absorbing varieties of Tea, Coffee and mock tails. Tea lounge also showcases festival offers every month to promote bakery and confectionery expertise. As the name implies the range of tea includes all time favorite Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, Nilgiri tea, Kolkata street cha, green tea, herbal tea and range of flavored or iced teas. Coffee selection takes a step ahead with selections of fresh bean coffees like cappuccino , espresso, ristretto, decaffeinated coffee and cold coffees. One can even order beautifully designed wedding or Birthday cakes.